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Re:dying shrimp

Hey Gang,

Daphne Freeman has a problem with shrimp dying for no
apparent reason, and I have an anecdote(s) that may

I keep 3 other plant tanks other than my show tank and
I recently have made some observations about Caridinia
japonica. In my 10 gallon bedroom tank, the decor is
almost completely Riccia and wood, and should be a
shrimps paradise. It was, infact, untill I brought
home a couple bunches of R. wallichii from the LFS.
Upon the addition of the new plant, the shrimp
immediately became sedate, then frantic, then dead.
All within 24 hours. I know it had something to do
with what the plant was carrying because I put some in
my 20 gallon grow out tank, and the same thing
happened. This was about a month and a half ago.
Suspect ich medication or some kind of algaecide in
the plant that contained copper. The plant died
shortly after as well. If someone else bought shrimp
from the same place, and they are fine, I doubt this
is your issue.

Another observation I've made recently is that C.
japonica may react badly with very high Potassium
levels. In my 10 gallon "shrimp tank", I had a die-off
A few of weeks ago. I added a tsp of KCl to the tank
(thats a different post) and overnight all shrimp were
pink and well done, cooked in their little shells....I
guess it coulda been elevated chloride too. No adverse
reaction from any fish in either circumstance.

Your water parameters are pretty close to mine. Temps
are on the high side (for C. japonica), but shouldn't
spur a dying spree. 

After some big water changes, I haven't had any die in
a few weeks. And before, I never had any die. Some of
my japonicas are over a year old and pushing 3". 

Best of luck, and at 3.99 a shrimp here, my
condolences to your wallet,

John Wheeler 

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