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Re: dying shrimp

John, thanks for posting!

It could be the plant addition/drug suggestion. I bought a nice big
Aponegeton ulvaceous at the same time as the shrimp.  It was in a different
tank from the shrimp at the LFS.  It wasn't rinsed or anything, just stuck
in main tank.  It had a little fragment or two of a blue-green looking algae
which I wiped off (after I noticed it on leaf IN my tank). It has almost
doubled in size.  Perhaps the tank it was in had been medicated?   The one
live shrimp, still in the quarantine tank, never came in contact with it.
The plant went directly into my big tank, followed a week later by all but
the one shrimp in quarantine.  Wouldn't it have wiped them out faster
though?  This has been going on for 2 weeks.  Found another dead pink one
this morning.  Dave G bought some from same tank as me (and they are fine)
but he did NOT get one of the plants from the other tank.  How long would a
plant leach out absorbed chemicals?  I have been doing about 12-18 gallon
changes each week.

My dead ones turned pink in shell as well.  I have been adding about 5-7
syringes (1 mL each syringe I think) of the Seachem Potassium each week to
the 92 gallon.  Granted, the Equilibrium has some (about 1 teaspoon a week)
and potassium nitrate has some (almost 1/2 teaspoon at most once a week).  I
was having some pinholes develop and assumed deficiency.

Walter suggested offline that iodine deficiency could be it.  TMG doesn't
have any.  I considered switching to Flourish (my friendly neighborhood LFS
called Seachem and suggested this).

Thanks for condolences on my wallet.  Let us just say that I haven't left
the receipts laying around recently :)