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Re: Needle valve

> I went out and bought a regulator and co2 tank. Now the needle valve.
> Apparently the  ARO N01 is not available....at least I couldnt find. I did
> find a NuproB-4mg2 though. I notice it comes with 1/4" tapered male fittings.
> Is this easy to adapt to co2 regulator. Or do I order with different ends. Is
> this a good choice or do you reccommend another manufacturer

The Nupro valve actually a "metering" valve. I haven't used it but it
appears to be suitable for CO2 fertilization purposes. The fittings are
1/4-inch NPT so it shouldn't be a problem connecting it to your regulator.
Might even hook directly onto it if you're lucky. Cheaper valves can be had
that will also work fine, such as the needle valves from Monolith Marine

> Also, I want to build a diffuser for co2 . Cant seem to locate a good diagram
> of one. Or can I inject to my cannister filter directly?

I inject into the intake tube of my filter and it works just fine. If you
want to make a reactor, there are some ideas on The Krib:


There's info on bubble counters there as well.

Dan Dixon