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Phosphate Test Kit

HACH offers at least two phosphate test kits, and I need some chemistry
advice as to which one to get.  The lady I talked to on the phone said she
didn't know which one I would need.

Model PO-19 measures "(reactive) As PO4 3-"  The "4" is a subscript, and the
"3-" is a superscript.  Price $64.95

Model PO-24 measures "Total Phosphate (Ortho- meta- & organic) as PO4 3-"
Price $124.95.

Both kits seem to use the color disc and reagent (Ascorbic acid), and both
cover the same ranges, including 0-1 mg/l in 0.02 mg/l increments.

John T. Fitch
E-mail: jtfitch at spamcop_net
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