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Re: Schultz African violet food

Cavan  wrote:

>I looked on the Schultz website and saw that the stuff
>they presented was African Violet Food Plus.  Says it
>also has micronutrients.  Can you get just plain
>Schultz African Violet Food?  If so, does it not have
>micro nutrients?  I am currently using the Flourish
>line.  It seems to me that something without the added
>micronutrients would be more compatible with the
>Seachem products.

I think the "Plus" stuff is all that's out there.  The micros included 
are:  Iron (0.10%), Manganese (0.05%), and Zinc (0.05%).  I don't think any 
of these are going to cause problems considering the smallness of the dose 
involved --- I've been pushing it lately with 6 drops, but about 2-3 drops 
per week in my 20 gallon seems to be plenty and my tap/change water is 
virtually devoid of phosphates, so one could probably get by with less 
Schultz fertilizer if some PO4 is already present.

>Also, I forget which numbers in fertilizer indicate
>what nutrients.  Is it nitrate - phosphate -

Yep...N - P - K.  The numbers are percentages.

Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee