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Weak Stems

I am seeing an unusual (?) growth pattern with some of my plants. The
side shoots of stem plants like Hygrophilia and Water Wisteria tend to
grow horizontally, and even seem to bend downwards as the plant
lengthens. I have also noticed that plants like Pennywort have rather
thin stems compared to the size of the leaves, or with specimens I have
seen available in stores.

I am wondering if this is a shortage of some nutrient, or if it is
because of not enough light. My 110 gallon tank certainly needs more
light, and may explain this, but it also seems to occur in the 10 gallon
tank which has 30 watts of screw-in compact flourescent at 6700 K. This
would make it in the 3 watts per gallon range, which I would think would
be sufficient.

Any thoughts on this?

Ed Dumas
Maple Ridge, B.C.