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Re:100 shrimp in a 72 liter tank

> Now, my question is: Does a hundred shrimps put into a 72 L tank have a
> major impact on the ecology?

Well do _you_ think and what have you observed? Suppose we added 100 people
to room and used only one bathroom. Shrimp are going to deficate. This will
increase to BOD and then there's the issue of removal of O2 from the animals
themselves(two fold issue). LFS's can get away with these things if they
have high aeration, large central filtration etc.
A well run planted tank has it's limits but can pull out a lot of the BOD
and provide higher levels of O2 than adding aeration possibly can. Problem
is all the NH4 produce will also cause algae if it get too high. A thriving
tank might be able to handle it. Most will not. I've had 50 in a tank a tad
larger. 100 is asking for it.

> I'm just guessing that they significantly reduce the O2 content in my tank
> and thus starving the "whatever bacteria" that is present. Hence the
> formation of haze?
Starving in the sense of not enough O2 to handle the load og NH4 produce by
the animals. The bacteria's response times is slowed/reduced/starved however
you want to think about it. Move some shrimp elsewhere or learn how to grow
plants real good so your tank can handle that many. Your over doing it with
the algae eater idea.
Tom Barr