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96 watt PC problem

I just finished mounting one 36" 96w PC in a 36" strip light. This is a
Custom Sealife  2 x 96 unit, removed from a 6 x 96 fixture. So far, I
have only hooked up one of the 2 leads coming out of the ballast box.
The bulb only glows dimly right near the receptacle. If I touch the
bulb, it starts to fire up near where I am touching, but it won't come
all the way on.
Do both receptacles & bulbs have to be wired in for it to work?

I found one wiring diagram at:
It shows, among others, a wiring schematic for "2 power compact lamps
with CSL Socket", for Icecap 430 ballast, but I don't know what ballast
is actually used on my CSL setup.

The ballast itself has no label. This is setup I bought about 6 years
Does anyone know of a link to more information on wiring up these

David Modine