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RE: Shrimp production methods

>Amano/japanese Pond Shrimp will thrive under any conditions, theywill
>constantly breed if conditions are to their liking. Lots of food, shelter
>and good water conditions do wonders.

What kind of food do they seem to like best?  I have some in my tank, and
it looks like they go for algae, but are there better foods for them?

>For breeding I use a
>large plastic tub filled with plants and basically left alone. A few shrimp
>females and a male are placed in this setup and within a space of several
>months they will have filled the tank with their offspring. This also works
>for other species of shrimp and keeps my fish in live food.

Ok, I'll bite.  How do you tell the males from the females?  Flip them over
on the backs and look for an inny or an outy?