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RE: Liquid Rock

I just converted one of my planted tanks to an East African Rift tank (Lake
Malawi) by upping the pH, and KH and putting in more rocks.  Currently the
pH = 8.0, KH = 14, and GH = 19.  I still inject CO2, though very little can
be dissolved - 4ppm, max.

The plants are doing fine.  The val, swords, and cabomba start to pearl an
hour after the lights come on.  The anubias and jave fern are the same as
ever.  The sunset hygro, rotala indica, and ludwigia are doing great.  The
bacopa monnieri seems to be doing better with the high pH, KH, and GH.

So far the fish, primarily herbivorous mbuna, have not eaten the plants nor
uprooted the plants with their digging.  It will be interesting to see if a
heavily planted tank can also be an East African Rift Tank.

Best Regards,

Roger Gordon