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Re: soft water

> From: john wheeler <jcwheel76 at yahoo_com>
> Subject: soft water
> I have soft water <1-GH/KH. I've been beating around
> the bush trying to find a way to fix it without
> clouding my tank every week. I don't think it's
> possible. 

	What have you been adding?
> I picked this stuff up at the hardware store called
> "garden lime" by Espoma. Looks like good stuff! Here
> is the breakdown:
> Calcium (Ca)..................21%
> Magnesium (Mg)................12% 
> Calcium Oxide.................30%
> Magnesium Oxide...............21%
> Calcium Carbonate.............54%
> Magnesium Carbonate...........43%
> Calcium Carbonate equivalent 104  
> Effective neutralizing value 100 <<?!>>
> Effective neutralizing power 100 <<?!>> what are
> these?

	Good question - no units.
> <<how do those %'s work?>>

	It's dolomite, (as stated below) which is CaCO3 and MgCO3.
That accounts for 97% of the total.  The Ca and Mg percentages are
just what they say, and the oxide percentages are the amount of
oxide that would be there if the calcium and magnesium _were_ there
as oxides, which they aren't.  Magnesium carbonate has a lower molecular
weight than calcium carbonate, so the amount of acid that it can
neutralise is a bit higher for the same weight, hence the "104"

> "Espoma Garden Lime is the finest grade dolomitic
> limestone available. Its finer grind makes it react as
> quickly as hydrated lime without the hazzards of
> hydrated lime."
	It needs CO2 to dissolve - hydrated lime will dissolve, but will
produce a very alkaline solution, needing even more CO2 to get to where
you want to be.

> Based on what I've read in the archives/ The Krib this
> should be OK to increase my GH, yes? Can the chemists
> on the list please advise?

	It will increase GH and KH.
> p.s...I know baking soda for KH.

	for KH _alone_

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada