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Those Secretive Shrimp

Last Summer I decided to try the Amano Shrimp and bought about 18 for
my 150 gallon.  Some arrived dead ( Fedex had late flights that day)
but about dozen were alive.  Some of these, my fish promptly devoured. 
A few remained perched atop a powerhead.  And a week or two later they
seemed to be gone -- but every now and then I would see one, just one,
hiding in the leaves.  I could have sworn the rest were kaput.  I do
weekly water changes, prunings, general maintenance but never saw more
than one.

Today I counted seven (all of them about 1 inch in length).  Have they
been hiding that well?  Did one pregnant shrimp raise a small brood in
treacherous waters that none of her siblings survived.

I am impressed with their secretiveness.  I think they hide rather

Scott H.

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