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David Youngker wrote:

"I'm curious -

How many of these organic processes are occurring in a beaker of
triple-distilled water?..."

[Must have been a horribly dirty beaker, indeed, for all the organic
processes I have in mind!  :-)]

"...by the way, I'm of the opinion that, at current atmospheric
concentrations, it's just a hair _more_ than 3 ppm..."

Great! This is going to be a ton of fun.  David, I've always commented to
folks that without CO2 supplementation my tank water runs at 2 - 3 ppm CO2.
I report this because using my Pinpoint pH monitor and testing for KH, this
is the general range inferred from the pH-KH-CO2 chart.  George claimed this
level would not result from only atmospheric CO2 and pure water, and offered
the explanation that I offered you (I hope I'm remembering this correctly,
George! It would be a shame to look in the archives and ruin all the fun!

So, George:  Why is it that David and I are wrong?  Perhaps Paul Sears will
join in, as well.  George and Paul used to enjoy batting these questions
back and forth.  And Paul taught me everything I know about the pH-KH-CO2
relationship 5 years or so ago--so I'm always interested in what he has to
say!  :-).  

Steve Dixon in rainy San Francisco