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Effects of levamisole on planted tank

hi all,

I'm currently having a camallanus infestation in my planted tank, possibly due to the addition
of guppies bought fr a fish farm here (Singapore).

I've destroyed 2 of my apistos so far, and I can see that the remaining ones and some of my
guppies have red thread-like worms growing out of their anus. Sme guppies have emaciated and
died too.

I intend to use food tablets soaked in levamisole and feeding them with these medicated tablet
for a couple of days. I wonder if the drug has any ill effects on the plants?

It is a 100 gallon tank, and heavily planted, so there's no chance I can catch all the fishes
up. I heard that the camallanus need an intermediate host, so which organisms are acting as one?

Someone suggested that the eradication of the infection is difficult unless the tank is being
torn down and sterilised, is this true?

I hope you guys can help me on this.