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RE: automatic leveling siphon

Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2001 06:21:49 -0800 (PST)
From: Scott Hieber"

>> Ah, but is it anywhere near as portable or
>> easy to move from tank to tank?...

> Well, actually, yes and no -- after all, it really
> depends on how you set up the overflow and tubing...

In the interests of "fewer parts, fewer failures" and single-handed
(literally) portability, I'd be hard- pressed to come up with an example of
a full- blown overflow setup that's as easy to transfer and set up as "hang
and suck".

> My point is just that...the same basic technique is
> used, even though a variety of shapes of hoses and
> conduits can be used...

I don't believe I questioned the comparison in techniques, only the
complexity of its application. Nor have I any problems comprehending the
mechanics - I would have clarified that if I'd known such was hidden within
the generality of your original question.

> There is no reason, in principle, why the system
> between a stocked aquarium and a sump need be
> any less portable than between any other two or
> more tanks.

By this roundabout statement I'm assuming that you mean there shouldn't be a
difference between a sump setup and the self-leveling siphon (rather than
hinging on _position_ as the statement infers).

So far, for the sump setup, you've mentioned:

> A siphon on the upper level supplies a box or
> chamber or tube which overflows (a wall or tube)
> into the supply hose to the lower level...

at least three required parts. Unless, of course, you're using an internal
skimmer/overflow, in which case you now only need it and the lower lever
supply hose.

Mine you can grab with one hand - even maintaining its fill (thumb over the
tank end) - and move down an entire row of tanks during water changes. Just
"hang and forget" at that point (and no - skimming is definitely not
included. But then again, it's not the intended function of the system,