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Re: Paul Sear's comments on CO2, buffers, & concentrations

Thanks for the excellent emmendations regarding CO2 and buffers.

Is there any way, in a practical sense, that CO2 could be brought up as
high as 1,500 ppm?  I'm guessing that would take conditions ideal for
CO2 saturation in water and I'm also guessing that such conditions are
far from what a typical planted aquarium offers.  But I'm just
guessing.  My guesses are based on the observations that getting levels
up to 20-30 ppm in a planted tank requires some effort and cost -- not
too much churning, not too high a temp, keep a steady supply of CO2 on

Of course, if the tank is sealed well enough and enough CO2 is added to
bring the tank to more than negligible positive internal pressure.  The
atmosphere wouldn't pick up much CO2--but even then, to get 1,500 ppm,
you'd have to really pump in the CO2, wouldn't you?

Scott H.

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