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Plants grow great in blackout...

Hi Folks,

I just took the blanket off my 72 gallon tank, trying to get rid of some 
annoying algae (grows in tiny hairs about 1/4" on taller plants). Well, the 
algae didn't go away (arg!) but several of the plants seems to have actually 
flourished - hairgrass and especially a red lotus which I had thought was 
dead. What's with that?

Normally this 72 gallon tank has 220W of AHSupply light, pH 6.9-7.4 from 
tank-CO2, GH=KH=4, them about 75. Nitrates around 10 ppm, adding 1.5t K2SO4 
weekly, flourish and flourish iron about 10 ml every 3rd day. It's been up & 
running sunce mid-June.

I must be doing something wrong, since all the plants but the Hygro 
Corymbosa actually looked better after the blackout than before. But what is 

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