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Re: carpet/foreground for a 20 gallon

> Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 11:53:12 -0700
> From: "MrK442" <mrk442 at yahoo_com>
> Subject: Looking for a good carpet plant for a 20 gallon
> I am looking for a good carpet plant for a 20 gallon tank it has ample
> light and just looks like it need something to cover the boring
> gravel/sand.

Pearl grass, dwarf hairgrass, dwarf clover, Glossostigma, these next two can
get a bit tall: Small tennellus chain swords(there's rare type of micro
chain sword, slightly reddish in color- stays short), dwarf sag's, Riccia
stones(lots of work but looks great), moss stones(much less work), Dwarf
lobelia, a number of small crypts:C parva,C. x willisii, oak leaves, smooth
river stones/rock of various types, driftwood covered in Anubias var. nana
or moss etc, Hottonia palustris,
Well that's enough for you I think. Not all of them are carpeting, but this
should give you some ideas. The fall colored oak leaves do look kind of cool
in a tank.
Tom Barr