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Re: RC Connectors & Line Voltage

> BTW, if you use RC connectors as another posted suggested, be *sure*
> they
> can handled *at least* 300v. 300v is the minimum voltage rating
> permitted
> by electrical codes for devices used for "line voltage".
>      -Bill

300V for line voltage devices is a safety margin--but ballasts raise
the line voltage.  I believe some flourescent (and other arc-lamp)
ballasts drive the lamps at about 600v.  With Voltage it's best to err
on the side of caution.  So you might want to wrap connectors rated for
a lower voltages in insulating tape.  That makes them less quick to
connect or disconnect but who thinks a Jacob's Ladder is attractive on
an aquarium.  

Or else be sure of the voltage across the outputs of the ballast and
then get connectors rated for at least that value.  You can get the
ballast voltage from the maker or as the rated voltage from the
manufacturer of the bulbs the ballast will be driving.

Good luck,
Scott H

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