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Who to contact at water company

Many list members are concerned with high levels of chlorine or chloramine 
in their tap water and with good reason.

I make it a point to keep in contact with my water company and I've found 
that the person to talk to is the SUPERVISOR OF THE WATER PLANTS and/or 
LABORATORY  or something to that effect (Sorry, I wasn't yelling there, 
just wanted it to stand out).  This is the person that will know what's 
going on.  So if you call your water company and get the runaround, ask for 
the number of the plant / lab supervisor.  I've found most to be very 
willing to answer any question I've had.  At the very least, you may get 
handed off to an underling, but you should find the answers you seek.  Be 
sure you are calling the company listed on your bill too.  Even my small 
city has numerous water companies.

Also, please be careful when overdosing water conditioners.  While there is 
usually some room to overdose, too much can be as harmful as too little and 
some products are safer to overdose than others.  Contact the mfg. if you 
are in doubt about what levels are safe to dose.

Hope this helps.


Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee  USA
mailto:grendel at usit_net