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crypt roots and bad water

>>>[2]  I have a 20 gallon high that I refer to as my Crypt tank.  It's 
wendtii, willisii, and petchii(?), but there may be another specie or two 
in there.  Anyway, almost every one of the plants / groups has some roots 
coming up from the substrate now.  At first I suspected compaction of the 
substrate (Flourite / soil underlayer), but I poked around with a chopstick 
and the substrate seems to be loose.  The plants look good overall and are 
growing well enough, but I do see some melting of leaves on occasion which 
I suspect is related to the root thing since tank conditions stay 
relatively constant and have for some time.  Any ideas on what's going on?...

I too have this occurring in my tanks. So far I just gently pinch off the 
roots if they get too bushy and it seems not to harm the crypts which are 
thriving.  I am also curious as to what is going on.  I do get old leaves but 
so far no melting, thanks be...

Also,  in regard to extra chlorine/amine in the water supply...What about 
just aging your water overnight with some carbon in a box filter or 
(this is what I do, so far successfully) go with the slo fill ie a gallon at 
a time over the course of several hours/whole day. Admittedly I have a 20 gal 
and some free time so it's kinda a luxury right now. But the aging the water 
should drive off any harmful gases and oxidize anything that needs oxidizing. 
And of course the carbon sucks a lot of stuff out too. I know, very 
scientific, but tried and true for finicky fish and delicate plants and no RO 

Happy thoughts,
Renee Minjarez in Dallas