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Re: Potomageton Gayi

At 03:48 PM 10/29/2001 -0500, you wrote:

>It's a weed and half.

It can be invasive, but worth the effort. The color is a mid-dark 
translucent green, healthy new growth is an olive color, so it is unusual 
in both its appearance and color. Also, like the other Poto's, can be 
reporduced from cuttings and runners, the runners can get aggressive at times.

>Can get bushy. Not a centerpiece plant. A bushy group
>stem plant perhaps. Nice to use around a base of a large center piece plant
>though. It's easier than say hair grass, Gloss, etc to keep corralled.

Yes similar to HG bug not as hard to manage.

>can use it as a tallish foreground plant also as it gets pretty darn dense.

It will reach the surface eventually, and the closer it gets to the light, 
the faster it will grow, it will eventually shoot across the surface, if 
left alone.
I like to gather it back up into a single dense bunch in Mid-ground. 
Because of its delicate growth habit, it can get lost in a busy tank. Plant 
in front of a large rock, driftwood, or light green plant with larger 
leaves, for best effect.


>Hummm, now I have a use for it. There's some tiny species out near here that
>would be better for this. Perhaps I'll try this out. We need more foreground
>Tom Barr