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Re: USPS delivery

This appears to be normal USPS service.

I remember, years ago, an interview with a top Fed Ex executive. They had
done a survey and found that what people most want in a delivery service is
assurance on delivery time.

Bottom line: if I send something from place X to place Y, will it take 2
days or 3 days or 4 days, etc. Most people don't care about the total time.
They just want the delivery time, whatever it is, to be _consistent_.

The USPS has never been able to do this, even with the introduction of their
Express Mail Service.

This is not intended to be diatribe directed toward USPS. However,I know
that if I send a birthday card to my mom in NYC, I have to get it out one
week before her birthday. Over the years, it has taken anywhere from 2 days
to 1 week to arrive.

One card took 4 years to arrive!
Augustine Rodriguez
Rice Lake, WI USA

Chuck wrote:
> Mine has been a little more hit-and-miss. (mostly hit)
> I mailed three packages recently.  All shipped priority mail, from the
> same post office.  All went from Denver, Colorado.
> One went to Pueblo colorado.  Took a full week to arrive.
> One went to Virginia, took 3 days.
> One went to Texas, took 2 days.
> A few months back, I had mailed another package to the same Pueblo
> address, and it arrived the very next day.
> - --
> Chuck Gadd