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Re: Japanese rush (Blyxa)

>>The other one was sold to me as japonica.  Mine did
have the longer, lighter green leaves shown in the
photos when I first got it, but now grows slightly
darker, vibrant green leaves and has only gotten maybe
3 inches tall.  It grows as a sort of rosette like
bunch of leaves at the end of a short stem.  A bunch
of side shoots like this have grown on all the plants.
Hardly a fast grower!  <<

Thats how Karen Randall describes them, needing bright light, and slow
growing in an aquarium. I have been wanting to get japonica for the last few
years, but never found a source for it. These species however, seem
interesting as well.What I do with them, as always, will depend on how much
of a demand there is for them.

Robert Paul Hudson
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