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Java fern blight

I'm currently experiencing something I've never seen of or heard of before 
in one of my planted tanks.  Sections of java fern are turning brown and 
melting, seemingly only the leaves that get touched die right away.  It 
wiped out one section of my java ferns on my driftwood two weeks ago.  Now, 
I am seeing it again. It is beginning to wipe out another, larger section of 
java fern.

Please, if anyone has any idea what this is, what I can do to stop its 
spread before it destroys my fern forest, what I can do to cure it, please 
let me know.

My best guess is that it's some sort of fungus rather than some nutrient 
deficiency because the other, non-infected ferns are doing well and so are 
the rest of the plants.


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