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Removing mineral deposits from glass covers...

This is probably old hat for most of you, but its new 
for me, so I figured I'd report for anyone else out 
there that just needed a clue.  :)

Any way...  I was having problems with mineral 
deposits on my glass covers.  So bad, that it was 
blocking light far more than I realized (until now).  
Any way, as per some suggestions on this list in the 
past, I tride to clean it off with vinegar several 
times in the past, but I wasn't getting anywhere.  It 
just wouldn't budge.  Then it hit me.  I layed a paper 
towel soaked in vinegar (as in dripping wet) on the 
glass and left it to soak.  Half an hour later I came 
back and wiped it down.  Sure enough, that worked 
like a charm.  It needs another soaking, but its 90% 
clean now.

Short of tearing down the tank though, I can't figure 
out how to apply this knowledge to the tank itself. :/