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RE: Thoughts on yeast CO2 reactors

Thanks for all the great ideas to keep the yeast warm.  I'll see which is
the most workable for me.

I've finally straightened out the microorganism overgrowth that I had.  I
too had the small white worms (nematodes) along with other problems.  I
think I had allowed too much nitrate to build up and when I added the extra
light everything took off growing.  I used a combination of water changes
and potassium permanganate for 3 days then after a 50% water change and
carbon filtering I used a dose of formalin and malachite green.  I've
continued to do frequent water changes and began adding small amounts of
aquarium salt (= to 1 tblsp to 10 gal) and Aqurisol.  Worms are almost gone.
Fish look better and have stopped flashing, I think I had a velvet problem
too.  Now my plants are really taking off too, especially the Aponogetons.
Next water change I will try increasing the depth of my substrate and try to
get the plants to stay where I put them.

I also switched to florescent light.

Tom, if I didn't thank you before for the info you gave, Thanks.

E. Wa.