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silicon sealer and CO2 - bad combination

Hi aquatic plant people,

well, you live and learn ....

a friend of mine sent me some really nice little spiral-
shaped diffusers. Unfortunately, some of them broke
during shipping. I tried to patch one of 'em up with
some aquarium silicon sealer, the kind that's used for
making glass aquariums.

The patched-up diffuser is attached to a homemade
yeast CO2 set-up. For about 3 weeks, everything worked
like a charm tho' I noticed that the spirals were getting
kinda cloudy.  Then, this morning, I noticed that the
diffuser was not working. When I took it out of the tank,
I saw that it was clogged with a gooey translucent
substance that looked like the sealant.

Yippee! I've now learnt that silicon sealant breaks down
in the presence of the acidic CO2 water in the diffuser.
Can someone please suggest another type of aquarium-
safe glue that's acid-friendly that I can use to patch up
my other broken diffusers. (Unfortunately, there's so
much sealant coating the insides of my current diffuser
that it cannot be salvaged.)


Shireen Gonzaga
Baltimore, MD
whimbrel at home_com