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Regarding Ultraviolet Sterilizers

I have recently battled greenwater for several months, and was helped through 
this by Tom Barr and some others on a planted tank board at 
aquariacentral.com.  I just would like to say thanks to Tom for guiding me 
and attempting to help me fix this problem through nutrient/chemical 
adjustment as well as blackouts.  I would just suggest that if anyone has 
been battling greenwater for a long time and has tried various methods to get 
rid of it, do not hesitate too long to get a UV sterilizer.  I purchased a 25 
watt model and changed some water, and the water is now clear enough to drink 
practically!  I was starting to get so discouraged with the greenwater I was 
considering giving up on the hobby altogether as greenwater really eliminated 
any pleasure I got from my tanks.  I know I need to continue to monitor my 
nutrients and learn more about aquaria in general, but sometimes I think it 
is reasonable to seek a relatively quick fix.  I have not regretted for a 
minute getting the UV, although it was expensive.  In short, do not hesitate 
to get a UV sterilizer if you are frustrated by greenwater and cannot find 
the right chemical mix despite your best efforts.  Thanks again to Tom and 
others for helping me out through all of that mess.  And hello to fellow CAGA 
members and Mike Wright, a very kind and polite young man who was most 
gracious in giving me kudos earlier this month.  And thanks again to all of 
the list members who contribute and help us newbies learn!

Thanks again,

Don Lee
Rockford, IL

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