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Re: Regulator

Nope, the tank is full.  I kinda have that little detail covered.  The
regulator is pretty much dead, but comes to life every now and then to play
havoc with my pH.  The new one coming should take care of things.  Thanks
for the link.

Funny how I've had automatic CO2 going for about 5 years now and no
devastating problems.  (Well, none that I didn't cause myself.)  Now
everything is causing me fits within a couple weeks.

See everybody in Chattanooga.

> Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 06:48:38 -0700
> From: Dave Gomberg <gomberg at wcf_com>
> Subject: Re: Regulators
> At 03:48 AM 10/17/01 -0400, Ben wrote:
> >I recently read the post about not letting the pressure on your CO2
> >regulator fall below 800psi.  I have had a faulty regulator for sometime
> >now, and I think that is probably what happened.  I haven't really done
> >anything about it until I awoke a couple days ago to a pH of 5.75.
> >Everything survived except the ghost shrimp.  I have already ordered a
> >regulator and don't plan on letting that happen again.  Does anyone have
> >other tips on regulator maintenance?
> The usual cause of low input pressure to a regulator is the CO2 tank
> running dry.   If that was the cause you need to refill the tank, not
> change the regulator.  Glad you did not have a major loss, the check list
> for avoiding a CO2 dump is on:
> http://www.wcf.com/co2iron/faq.html