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Re:Echinodorus tennellus

>>The wider leafed chain sword, now apparently properly known as E.
bolivianus, exists in several forms as well and has in the past been
variously described and listed as E. angustifolius and/or E.

Every documentation I have seen puts quadcostatus as being native to cuba
and is more spoon shaped. The very narrow tenellus that is almost hair like
is very rarely in the commercial channels. I have only seen it a few times
in the last three years. The first time I got some from a supplier I
complained that the plants were too small and I would never be able to sell
them. latifolious (spelling?) is another variety coming out of singapore,
that is more narrow, but I found it can vary greatly in appearance...or at
least its appearance is not consistent from suppliers. Another consideration
is how it is grown. In mass production all the forms are usually emmersed
and thus much larger than one would like, and grow out much smaller
submersed. Hydroponically grown tenellus has an enirely diffrent look than
emmersed growth

Robert Paul H
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