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Re:Re: Should I continue to send plants through the post?

The US Post office has been running a slow lately (since the attacks) but I
think it's mainly due to problems with the airlines, and having to re-route
shipments via other means.

I've mailed several plant shipments over the past couple weeks.  One went to
the east coast, and got there in 4 days.   Another was going just a few
hundred miles south of me, and took a week.   <<

Here is a little info for you guys... The post office has contracted FEDX to
handle all their Express and Priority mail. It is no longer going by USPS
planes. At least the majority of it.

The post office is now required to ask you when you bring in a package if it
contains any perishable or hazardous material. When I answered yes...he
paused, looked at me funny, and then said, "We are required to ask this
question, but were not told what to do if someone answered yes..."   Only
the post office folks...

For the past week all my shipments have reportedly arrived on time.

Robert Paul H
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