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Po4 in tap water

    Over the past several weeks noticed an increase in brush algae and
brown spot
algae on the glass and on slower growing plant leaves on my 75g. My
intent was to start a fertilizer/trace element regimen. After finally 
finding a PH Down, I added about 15 ml of 30% H3po4 as the po4 source as
I wanted to stimulate more growth as per Tom Barr's recommendation (AD
#1240). To my surprise I found the po4 levels at 10ppm! (Yeah, I can
hear it now I should have tested before adding anything;> So i did a
test and find my tap water at 1-2 ppm (Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Dry Tab)
about 8 weeks ago it was almost at zero. Now that I have all the
ingredients Po4 also have no3 (Greenlight Stump Remover) Flourish
Traces, Flourish Iron on hand. Help on how to proceed would be
appreciated--should i make a large water change 80-90%? I did a quick
30% but this did not put a dent on the po4 readings. 
Should I try to get the po4 down then add nitrates? po4 remover or
And what is a good mix or ratio for the nitrate (stump remover powder)
and distilled water?
Incidentally during the period where I suspect the quality of my tap
water changed, one of the plants the water sprite which was a
wonderfully healthy plant started to have slower growth and the leaves
started to get spiky or long and spiny looking almost as it has morphed
to a different plant, Lately it looks like half and half but growth is
still slow enough that algae grows on some leaves. But i must say once a
week one stem rots off close to the base as this is happening though a
new stalk is growing out. Any ideas what may be causing this? Any advise
is greatly appreciated.   

Tank parameters are:                Plants: Dwarf sag,red wendti,micro
75 gallon, moderate/heavy fish load         spiral vals,
hygrophilia,water sprite
Flourite/gravel substrate                   cardamine,hygro difformis.
2 x 110 vho + 1 x 40 watt 10K at present
ph 7.6-7.8
5 dKH / 12dGH
Co2 carbo plus
eheim 2026 fitter, no carbon
again thanks to all,
Hans S.