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Problem with Sword plant

I'm having a problem with a sword plant in my 10 gallon tank. Any advice
anyone can give me would be appreciated.

First, the tank specifics: 10 gallon US tank, Flourite substrate about 2" or
so, Penguin mini filter (no biowheel), 2 20w screw-in type fluorescent
bulbs, no CO2 injection.
Fish: 1 male betta, a pair of White Cloud Mountain Minnows, 1 SAE
Last test stats: temp 78F, pH 7.4, Ammonia, NO2 and NO3 all 0, KH 4, GH not
sure of the exact number, but our water is from a well and runs quite hard
I do about a 15-20% water change every 2 weeks, add Seachem Excel as
directed on the bottle (5 ml at each water change) and a liquid iron and
trace mix at a couple drops weekly.
Other plants are various crypts, an anubias, a bunch of Java moss and a lot
of Rotala rotundifolia.

I am not sure what specific species the sword plant is- it is the one sold
at most LFS as a generic "Sword plant."  It has never gotten so big as to
outgrow the tank, but it has always been nice and green, and even put out a
baby plant a few months ago. But lately, it has gotten very yellowed looking
and some of the leaves are browning and getting holes in them. Even the baby
plant is starting to look yellowish. I give it a small piece of Jobes' every
3-4 months, and I added another about a month ago, and it hasn't helped.
This is the only plant in the tank that shows any sort of problems- the rest
all look healthy.

You can see what it looks like here:
www.thirtytwopaws.com/fish/dentankcurrent.htm  I've moved the camera so that
it is closer to the plant in question. The color is kind of washed out, but
you can see what it looks like now.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

 New Hampshire, USA

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