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Should I continue to send plants through the post?

Hi, folks,

This could be slightly off-topic but I hope you will bear with me
for a while.  I received a message (appended below) a few hours
ago.  If I had received such a message exactly a month ago, I would
have immediately dismissed it as nonsense and delete it off my
computer.  But now........

I'm concerned about the things stated in the message for 2 reasons.
The first one is pretty obvious.  If what was said is true, then I think
we should all be careful about what we receive through the post.
My other concern is that I will be sending quite a few parcels over
the next few days to 2 persons on this mailing list.  The parcels will
contain different aquatic plants, namely, Christmas Moss, Narrow Leaf
Java Ferns, Cypress helferis and Hairgrass.  They are for the coming
plant auction in Chattanooga to help raise money for the defense fund.

If what was said in the message below is even slightly true, I suppose
the people in the customs and post offices will check every envelope
much more thoroughly than usual.  Chances are my plants will never
reach their destinations.  As it is, I was just informed today by someone
living in the US of A that the moss I sent more than 2 weeks ago still
has not arrived.

In the last couple of weeks, I have sent exactly 101 packs of Christmas Moss
to various people all over the world.
My moss has gone to places as far as Brazil, India, Germany, United
Kingdom, Malaysia and Canada.  The bulk of it, of course, went to the
US of A.

Should I continue to send plants through the post?

Loh K L


A t t e n t i o n:
This is very scary and is not a joke.   Please read.

It definitely is a serious threat to our lives and

This is an alert about a virus in the original sense
of the word...one that affects your body...not your
hard drive. There have been 23 confirmed cases of
people attacked by the Klingerman Virus, a virus that
arrives in your real mailbox, not in your e-mail
Someone has been mailing large blue envelopes,
seemingly at random, to people in the US and Canada,
front of the envelope in bold black letters is printed
"A Gift For You From The Klingerman Foundation". When
the envelopes are opened, there is a small sponge
sealed in plastic. This sponge carries what has come
to be known as the "Klingerman Virus" and public
health officials state this is a strain of virus they
have not previously encountered. Those who have come
in contact with the "Klingerman Virus" have
 been hospitalized with severe dysentery (blood and
mucus in your stool). So far seven of the twenty-three
victims have died. There is no legitimate Klingerman
Foundation mailing unsolicited gifts. If you receive
 an oversized blue envelope in the mail marked "A Gift
For You >From The Klingerman Foundation". Do not open
it! Place it in a strong plastic bag or container and
call the police immediately. The "gift" is one you
definitely do not want to open.

 PS: This mail has been forwarded throughout over USA
 & Canada...
 but this virus was believed to be sent overseas
already so be careful any time when you open the mail
or parcel post.