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Sulphur odor

Hi all, I was planning to re-arrange my aquascape
since some of the plants that are in the foreground
have become huge. It was a bad idea on my part but I
just stuck them in the only available space when they
were ready to root...the front. When I started
removing bunch plants that I had used to get the tank
started and reduce chances for algae via competition
(worked great) I got a strong sulfur smell from the
tank. Did not lose any fish but my wife was pissed
since that tank is in the living room. The fish did
not seem affected and I immediately hit the tank with
Prime and fresh carbon. Everything in the tank is
doing great despite the anaerobic state of the
substrate. Is there any way to combat this or am I
doomed to wait for the wife to be out of the house
while I re-arrange?


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