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Re: Re: Amazon Sword

I have about 6 stalk in my tank at any given time. My
Ozelots and Marble queens produce them at an alarming
rate (tank is quickly becoming filled with swords). I
just push the stalk into the tank and the little
plants will grow just fine. THey take a very long time
to do anything and some never seem to grow. I would
say I have around 9 or 10 swords that are growing
nicely from the original 3 and about that many more
that are small and not growing much.

Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2001 21:47:24 -0500
From: zxcvbob <bob at a51web_net>
Subject: Re: Amazon Sword

My sword plant (ozelot?) in a 20 gallon aquarium just
recent sent up a
flower stalk.  The stalk snaked its way through the
aquarium cover by
the filter and is sticking about 2 or 3 feet up in the
air above the
tank.  It has been blooming for about a week.  The
flowers are a little
over 1 inch in diameter, white, with three petals.
Each one lasts about
a day.

At one of the nodes in the stalk well above the
waterline, leaves have
started to form.  There were a couple of roots I
think, but they dried
up.  The little leaves are growing up in the dry air! 
If I pack some
damp spaghnum moss around the base of the node with
the leaves, I'm
pretty sure it would root.  Do you think the plant
would grow out of 
water in dry air?  I don't mean in a terrarium, I mean
in a pot. 
Wha'd'ya think?

Best regards,

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