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Trichomanes (fern, possibly aquatic)

I was looking at a website with a bunch of Singaporean aquatic plant photos
and noticed several ferns listed. One of them, in the genus Trichomanes,
looked to be growing in a pretty moist environment (possibly close to the
spray from a waterfall). Checking with the online database from the Flora of
North America, there are a number of species of Trichomanes which also grow
in N.A., mainly in the south. Most are epiphytic, and all require very
moist, protected environments.

One species, Trichomanes punctatum subsp. floridanum, is apparently found
"On rock in limestone sinks, rarely epiphytic on trunks and roots of trees
in limestone sinks; 0--100 m; Fla."

Checking the data for other species in the genus came up with things like
"On rock in limestone sinks; below 10 m; Fla.; Mexico; West Indies; Central
America; South America."
"Epiphytic on decaying stumps and logs of bald cypress in dense cypress
swamps; below 10 m; Fla.; West Indies."

Is anyone familiar with these, and do they actually grow IN the water, or
could they survive for any length of time submersed?

James Purchase