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Re: dubia

Cavan was wondering about the correct genus name for Z. dubia (H. dubia),
citing differences in the names given in the Baensch atlas and various other
sources. I don't know how much trust I'd put in the Baensch atlas, or any
other hobby level aquatic plant book (remember that we are all still waiting
for that elusive translation of Kasselmann's new edition).

The genus "Zosterella Small" is a probable synonym of "Heteranthera Ruiz &
Pav., non cons.", with the name Heteranthera taking precedence due to the
fact that the name is "conserved" (shouldn't be changed). Both genera are
apparently valid, and both are considered to be members of the family
Pontederiaceae (aquatic monocots).

The GRIN database places "dubia" in the genus Heteranthera as: Heteranthera
dubia (Jacq.) MacMill., and it lists Commelina dubia Jacq. and Zosterella
dubia (Jacq.) Small as "synonyms". To explain what all of that means would
involve way too much space and time here (it took me long enough to

But it would probably take a botanist to figure out which species belong in
which genera.

The plant should probably be referred to as Heteranthera dubia (Jacq.)
MacMill., but nobody would bite your head off for calling it Zosterella
dubia (Jacq.) Small.

There is a _lot_ of information available online regarding plant names - the
problem is figuring out which "reference" is most up to date and accurate.

James Purchase