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RE: Lower Light

Tom Barr wrote:

"As far as PO4 from fish foods feedings, I really doubt one could build up
anywhere near enough PO4 before their next water change to cause any problem
provided they have CO2 even in a low light tank."

This hasn't been my experience, at least for green spot algae, which is the
only algae that still annoys me from time to time. The appearance of green
spot algae on the front glass is always related to fish feeding volume, and
the phosphate always reads higher at those times. Now that I am dosing N, K
and Fe/micromix in powder form, I am finally able to have a swift direct
affect on P measurements. The green spot is really struggling now. Which
reinforces my assumption that high fish loads and the resultant high P level
can be accommodated by increasing everything else, including light and CO2.

Tom Wood
Austin, Texas, ya'll