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Re: Algae Observations

I recently had a plague of stringy green algae at the bottom of my 65 gallon 
planted tank (CO2, CF light, TMG). This was at a time when I had many outside 
obligations that kept me away from normal tank maintenance, particularly 
pulling out dead leaves, mulm, any dead fish, etc. I started back with my 
normal routine and got all the decaying matter out of the tank and surprise, 
the algae is going away. It didn't look bad at all when my maintenance 
routine was interrupted, but I had a bunch of dead leaves hidden away behind 
wood and growing plants, with dead sword leaves still on the plant facing the 
back of the tank. This obviously released a bunch of nutrients in the tank 
which the algae used to grow. I am really to blame for this algae outbreak 
this time because I was not as vigilant as I should have been. Just a 
reminder to others that we can avoid some algae problems if we get the 
dead/dying stuff out of the tank before it decays.