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Greater Pittsburgh Aquarium Society - Sept 28th

This is for those of you in the Pittsburgh area that
don't already come to our meetings.  We are a general
club that meets the last Friday of the month at the
Pittsburgh Civic Garden Center on the corner of 5th
and Shady at 7pm.  On Shady, turn in the second
driveway on your left up from Forbes.  We would like
to see more plant people.  That means you Bob
Ashcroft!  And Lynn!  

Each month has a speaker (Ray Lucas this month) and an
auction.  Dues are $20 per year, but you may attend
two meetings first to check it out.  Guests can bid on
auction items with the proper arrangements, but only
members may bring in fish, plants, or equipment to
auction.  70% of proceeds go to the seller, 30% to the
club.  Lots of rare stuff and good deals.  Don't miss
out!  If anyone has more questions, just mail me.  


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