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Re: Shock and Sorrow

Hi Loh,

Thanks for your email. I live in Manhattan, have spent a lot of time in and
around the World Trade Center, and was just there on Friday, 9/7.

As fish keepers, we should perhaps be more aware then most people of just
what a fragile and valuable thing life is -- not just the lives of Americans
or even just the lives of human beings. Americans, Chinese, Arabs, fish,
plants -- to name just a few -- we are all denizens of one big glass tank. I
would like to think that had the perpetrators of this horrible crime been
members of our hobby, they could have not found it in themselves to wreak
the wanton death and destruction that they have.


> Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 12:06:40 +0800
> From: Loh Kwek Leong <timebomb at pacific_net.sg>
> Subject: Shock and Sorrow
> I know this is off-topic but what the hell,
> Words cannot begin to express the deep sense of shock and sorrow my wife and I
> felt when we saw the images on TV of the twin towers imploding upon
> themselves.  We may be very far away but our hearts are with you.  God bless
> America.
> Loh K L