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Re:Re: Tom's (or anyone else's way?) Heck I'm lost

Robert H. pointed out that:
"Your forgetting a few... There is the PMDD approach, the high tech
approach,  remember Dan Qs kitty litter approach?...the "natural 
aquarium" approach with only sunlight, go back a few years when people
used straight peat substrates, there used to be a guy that tauted using
straight Super soil, (a highly organic top soil that is mostly cow
manure)...the Amano approach...then there is the ultimate disposable
approach, throw plants in your tank and when they all melt away within
two months, throw in some more!

Is PMDD an approach or just a fertilizer -- it's used several different
ways, no?  

All the methods have adequate light and CO2 but different amounts --
consider Walstad's Low Tech versus, for example, George Booth's Dupla
inspired approach.

Isn't Walstad's Low Tech approach as simple as it gets?  No fancy
lights, no fancy filter, no cable heaters, not much in the way fo
fertilizers beyond the fish food and soil underlayer for nutrients.

Doesn't the Amano approach employ a staff of maintenance workers? 
Other than that, doesn't it fall under one of the other "high Tech"
approaches.  While Amano has certainly defined a new aesthetic style,
the type of plants used and the layout notwithstanding, isn't the
growing and maintenance method for Amano pretty much a commercial
version of a basic High Tech?  I know I can't afford to have a platoon
of folks going from tank to tank all day doing maintenance -- that
cost's more than Dupla (but maybe not much). :-)

Scott H.

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