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Re:Re: Tom's (or anyone else's way?) Heck I'm lost

>>I can list three:  Walstad's low-tech method (the All You Can Wait
approach), which is pretty clearly outlined in her book.  Are there tenets
that one could list for her approach?  And then there's The Optimum Aquarium
(the All You Can Spend approach).  Tom's "All You Can Eat" approach.  And of
course, the Do What Works for You approach (the
All you Can Try approach, which might not really an approach so much as a
resignation to there not being any generally applicable specific guidelines
(which I doubt is true).<<

Your forgetting a few... There is the PMDD approach, the high tech soil
approach,  remember Dan Qs kitty litter approach?...the "natural  aquarium"
approach with only sunlight, go back a few years when people used straight
peat substrates, there used to be a guy that tauted using straight Super
soil, (a highly organic top soil that is mostly cow manure)...the Amano
approach...then there is the ultimate disposable approach, throw plants in
your tank and when they all melt away within two months, throw in some more!
My approach is much more pragmatic... KEEP IT SIMPLE. Have adequate light,
adequate CO2, clay gravel or laterite substrate, and a fertilizer program. I
can tweek or experiment within  these parameters using some of the different
schools of thought discussed here in an effort to control algae if I feel so
inclined, but as long as the basic requirements are being met I know I will
always have healthy, vibrant plants. I will leave the hashing out of the
latest and greatest to Tom, James, Roger, Steve, George and the others while
I sit and admire my plants! :)

Robert Paul H
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