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Escaping and Breeding Shrimps

>Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2001 08:59:42 -0500
>From: "Radloff, Bree" <BRadloff at cbburnet_com>
>Subject: re: Caridinia japonica--escape artists? and breeding?
>Yamato shrimp escaping? I've never heard of this before! How odd.

Oh yes, they do that all the time.  I have lost quite a few Yamatoes
when I filled the water in my tanks to the brim.  They will climb their
way out whenever there's the chance to do so.  Once, I also lost a Wood
shrimp (those 3 inch critters) when he escaped from the tank by climbing
his way out using the filter hoses.  When I found his dried out body, he
was already about 20 feet away from the tank.  Poor fella, would have
made his great escape if he had survived long enough to reach water.

>Has anyone else heard of these things breeding?

Oh yes, all the time too.  Ghost shrimps breed easily and although most
get eaten during the larvae stage, quite a few will survive to become adult
shrimps by hiding among the plants.  Many also get sucked into the filters
and I always find some whenever I wash my Eheims.  They seem to survive
well there too.

Shrimps as well as snails are much more intelligent that we give them
credit for.
I have seen small shrimps survive in my tank holding 8 adult Altum Angels.
If you know Altums, they not only just eat shrimps but will hunt them down
mercilessly.  The shrimps survive by hiding in the Java and Christmas
moss growing in my tanks.  They do this so well I can never spot one until I
take out the whole bunch of moss, whereby, some shrimps will always drop out
onto the floor.  They always remind me of the little girl in the 2nd Alien
the girl called Newt I think, who survived alone on a planet full of
monsters by
hiding inside the aircon ducts.

Snails have good survival instincts too.  You probably will find this hard to
believe but everytime I put a puffer fish into the tank, I notice the
Trumpet snails which usually hang around on the sides of the glass, taking
almost immediately. They do this by letting themselves go and upon hitting the
substrate, will start burrowing themselves in.  Incredible I know, but I
have seen
it happen too many times to say it's just coincidence.

Loh K L