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They breed in any conditions, as long as there is
sufficient food and space they will reproduce. I think
that the brackish bit is just hype or poor research as
these naps have bred in my ponds and in plastic tubs.
But actual proof is that they are also endemic to Lake
Chuzenji in Nikko. This is a 1,000m drop and a trip
down several tributaries before they reach the Tone
River mouth.

Yamato shrimp escaping? I've never heard of this
before! How odd. I 
keep a
fleet of these things in all of my planted 
aquaria and have never once noticed them escape, stuck
in a filter or
outside the aquarium somehow. I've been reading
up on breeding this species but evidently, it's
impossible becuase you 
to simulate a river delta (turns to brackish
water) in your aquarium. I find this really strange
because mine 
all the time! So, the larvae survive in the
water, and somehow the small baby shrimp don't get
eaten? Some of their
tankmates in various aquariums I have are tetras
rummy nose, pristella, penguin, emperor, flame),
oto's, betta, 
loaches, white cloud mountain minnows, killifish... 
all sorts of hungry fish that would love to chow down
on a tasty treat 
a small shrimp or something. Yet, their numbers
What's up with that? To the best of my knowledge,
shrimp reproducing on
their own in an aquarium is rare/unheard of? I have
RO water and I'm a bit of a fascist when it comes to
water changes &
quality, but other than keeping things really clean, I
have done nothing to encourage my shrimp fleet to

Has anyone else heard of these things breeding?

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