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Re: needle valve


> What is a check valve ?
Basically it allows a liquid or gas to move only one way through the it.
In this case it prevents liquid in the from flowing into the needle valve
then into my regulator in case of a back siphon. Since this set up is on a
salt tank that could prove to be a bad thing.

>I have a security? valve at 49psi followed by a (leaking) "on-off" valve.
Then the needle valve !
Not sure what that is, maybe just be a difference in terminology.

>What is a bubble counter ?
Same thing as counting the bubbles in your bell. The counter is right next
to the needle valve so there is no strain.  It's not a precise measurement
by any means. For the more technically inclined, a flow meter will give you
a very accurate measurement. I just work in a certain range and try to enjoy
my hobby more.

I use a Magnum 350 in the same way you plan to use your Eheim. I like it far
better then the reactor I was using.

>For now the CO2 comes in a bell so I can count the bubbles per min.
>Are all the bubbles made equal (same volume) ?
>I plan to introduce the CO2 in the inlet of my Eheim 2215...