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Re: needle valve


I just got this kind of a needle too...
What is a check valve ?
I have a security? valve at 49psi followed by a (leaking) "on-off" valve.  Then the needle valve !

What is a bubble counter ?
For now the CO2 comes in a bell so I can count the bubbles per min.
Are all the bubbles made equal (same volume) ?
I plan to introduce the CO2 in the inlet of my Eheim 2215...

Thanks for any help !


| Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001 06:01:57 -0400
| From: "Keith and Lisa" <kandl at net-link_net>
| Subject: needle valve
| I recently purchased a needle valve...
| [snip]
| I have 25psi on it and  found it extremely easy to adjust, very accurate and
| it has complete shut off. Airline line in and out so you dont have to go to
| the hardware store and adapt it to our useage.You could hook this into a
| metal airline gang valve for multiple tanks with no problems.( not sure how
| the co2 would affect the gang valve) I also opted for the 10.00 ultralife
| bubble counter and the 2.00 brass check valve.
| Keith and Lisa.
| no affiliation, yadeeyadeeyada, etc. and etc.