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RE:GW observation

>I have just started adding Seachams Flourish and TMG about 2 months ago
>finally got my 1st GW.  Here's the kicker though, the tank has been up
>over 1 1/2 years and I never had problems with GW until I added the
>and TMG.


I have been dosing both Flourish and TMG in the same 5 tanks for over a
year and have never had this problem.

I usually dose Flourish after a water change  and TMG in between water
changes.  I add Flourish at water changes because the Flourish that I
have is the older mixture without Boron. TMG is a great mid-week "pick
me up" for my plants.  I also dose  KNO3, KCL, K2HPO4 and CaCl2-2H20 and
If I find that I need even more potassium I'll add some Postassium